Monday, November 10, 2008

Harpooners for McCain

About three quarters of a mile down the road is the property of a crazy person. He let the historic house get so run down that the town condemned it and last month tore it down. The yard is strewn with junk. There are derelict cars parked all over the 113 acre property. Next door to this man's property is a household that even he refers to as crazy.

All I knew about the household came from the occasional glimpses of an eldely woman in a muumuu and the presence of a harpoon cannon in the front yard. Occasionally, the old man of the house would fire harpoons across the road at a target in the meadow. And they used to have a young woman in her twenties who would stand on the corner by the cattle farm with a backpack on and wave at all the cars all day. She's gone now. She wasn't right in the head folks say.

When they put up a McCain/Palin yard sign, I was not the least bit surprised. On the day after the election they put up a carefully stencilled sign that reads: "UNITED SOCIALIST STATES OF AMERICA OBAMA REDISTRIBUTOR IN CHIEF". It's still up. I just hope the dude doesn't start harpooning people.

At least now I know that the man with the junkyard is a good judge of character and that I don't need to worry about getting to know harpoon dude or his muumuu wearing mistress. .

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