Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Land Without the Gay

It turns out that there are no gay people in Iran. The Iranian president said so, so it must be true. Presidents don’t lie. It’s the religious right’s paradise realized on earth. Iran is a model of what the religious right would like to see America become.

What’s Iran’s secret, I wonder? Is it that the genetic influences that predispose people to homosexuality are absent or extremely rare in Persians? Is it that environmental factors that trigger expression of the genes are absent? Is it that Persian gays get cured of the gay?

Could it be that being openly gay gets you killed?

In any event, given that God tends to smite nations who tolerate the gay and to bless nations that execute gays, America had better step back from its saber rattling about Iran. Otherwise, if Pat Robertson is a true prophet, America will get its ass handed to it by Iran. The God of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and James Dobson will see to that, let me tell you. Maybe that’s why Afghanistan has been such a debacle. The Taliban hates the gay; therefore, God is on the Taliban’s side.

Why is the religious right so gung ho about making war on Muslims, especially the religious ones where there is no separation between mosque and state? It’s got to be jealousy.

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