Thursday, September 20, 2007

Career Advice to my Past Self

If I could go back in time and give advice to my teenage self about career choices, I could save him a whole lot of grief.

1.Get treatment for your anxiety disorder right away. That way you won’t blame your constant worrying on your jobs. They might not suck as much as you are led to believe by your condition.

2.Try to do something you are really interested in. Even if you do this, though, there will be aspects of your dream job that will really suck. Your co-workers might be wankers. Your boss will almost certainly be a douchebag. No matter what field you go into, this will be the case, so there’s no use changing careers because of such factors. The assholes are everywhere. The best you can hope for is that your working conditions will not be so bad that you will envy the dead.

3.I recommend some kind of biology. You like puzzles and science and nature, and you don’t really like other people, so biology would be a good fit.


5. You are not particularly ambitious, it turns out, so don’t worry about making a difference in the world. You never will. Just try to be happy and have a balanced life. Work isn’t everything.

6. You cannot sell anything, so don’t even try.

7. You are really lazy, so don’t go for a job that calls for too many long hours.

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Father Gaia said...

biology has it's share of lawyers. we share pain - wish you well. my world is quite insane - but i think it will work howdt for the best. keep on truckin.