Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Meme of Fourz: The Mutant

Brewrunner tagged me with the Meme of Fours http://againstthestate.blogspot.com/2006/06/ive-been-tagged.html

I have already had this meme and am immune, but I reckon that a mutant form could re-infect me. Here’s the “Meme of Fourz”:

4 jobs I have pretended to have when out of town and talking to strangers:

(1) Fighter of oil fires.
(2) Paleontologist.
(3) Evolutionary psychologist.
(4) Pastor (insures a private seat on the bus).

4 movies that I wish I had never seen:

(1) You Can’t Stop the Music
(2) Caddyshack 2
(3) Jaws III in 3D
(4) Humanoids of the Deep

4 places where I lived but wish I had not:

(1) Dunbar WV
(2) Ft McClellan AL
(3) Clearwater FL
(4) Silver Spring MD

4 TV shows that I deny that I ever watched but which I actually watched regularly:

(1) Melrose Place
(2) Dallas
(3) Beauty and the Beast
(4) Gilmore Girls

4 popular TV shows that I just don’t get the appeal of:

(1) The Cosby Show
(2) Murder She Wrote
(3) Law and Order
(4) West Wing

4 godawful vacations I have endured:

(1) Club Med in Martinique.
(2) A fly infested campground in the Cascades.
(3) A cabin in Maine with feuding in-laws and their devil spawn.
(4) A Delaware Valley resort at my stepfather-in-law’s regimental reunion, also featuring feuding in-laws and their undomesticated offspring.

4 dishes that make me want to retch:

(1) Puddin’ and souse.
(2) Possum, however prepared.
(3) Tripe.
(4) Ethiopian food.

4 web sites that I avoid at all costs:

(1) WorldNetDaily.
(2) National Review Online.
(3) Red State.
(4) Little Green Footballs.

4 places where I am glad I am not:

(1) An Amway recruiting presentation.
(2) A funeral.
(3) The hospital.
(4) Kmart.

The mutant meme tags all who come upon it. There is no escape.


Steve Scott said...

On Murder She Wrote, wherever that woman went, somebody got murdered. Stay out of our town, dear.

Vache Folle said...


And it's not as if her job should have put her in a position to encounter all that many murders. A cop or defense lawyer I can buy, but a mystery novelist? I think Jessica Fletcher killed them all and pinned the crimes on others.