Monday, December 19, 2005

A Reader (I Can't Believe I Actually Have Any) Chimes In

A reader had a comment to my post on class theory that seems interesting enough to me to post (he can be linked to through the comment section of the prior post):

"Without an understanding of how people are controlled libertarianism is nothing but hot air and mindless blithering.Most modern Libertarianism is under the control of the socialist overlords, like most of the rest of the intellectual world. This has occurred because most people don't understand that the socialist overlords only believe in socialism for the masses. The overlords retain their own private property, which now includes the subjects of all socialist countries, which is just about all that I can think of.Libertarianism must be grounded in the idea that respect for the private property of the poor is more important than it is for the rich. Libertarianism is the idea that a man's home was his king's castle, like jolly olde England. It just so happens that a society that respects private property as an ideal provides great benefits to the poor. Small amounts of property are more vulnerable to plunder by rogues and governments due to the limited ability to afford defenses. Those with larger amounts of amassed property can afford private countermeasures in proportion to the size of their stash. An ideology that encourages the formation of governments that limit the amount of onerous taxation and focus attention on suppressing rogue attacks on individuals and their property is an ideology that helps the poor in an effective and highly productive manner. Rather than subsidizing sloth and irresponsibility as welfare state socialism invariably does, protection of person and property rewards those who work to produce wealth, whether they be poor or rich. The deal leaves the poor with much more than they had before, especially the psychic benefits from being freemen and freewomen.Remember, Plank #1 of Marx's Communist Manifesto is the abolition of private property, i.e. for everyone but the overlords instituting the Manifesto.Anyone who desires to find out what libertarianism was meant to be should begin with the bloggings of America's founders, especially the Anti-Federalist Papers.Then move on to "Socialism" by von Mises and "The Road to Serfdom" by Hayek. Avoid anything by Rothbard or Rand unless you want to get sidetracked and misled.And I double-dare any plastic banana pseudo-libertarian to argue with the rejection of Rothbard and Rand. They both stink on dry ice as bad as Chomsky himself."

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