Thursday, November 17, 2005

Random Thoughts

Although it is extremely improbable, it is nonetheless possible that the entire universe came into existence last Thursday complete with our memories and the apparent evidence of existence prior to that date. We’ll never really know. Can you prove that the universe existed before last Thursday? I don’t propose teaching Last Thursdayism in schools, however.

The War on Christmas seems to be in full swing, except that I can’t figure out who is supposed to be against Christmas. I have worked in retail over the Christmas break on a number of occasions, and I can tell you that retailers really like Christmas. They sell a lot of merchandise during the holidays and are unlikely to get behind a movement to weaken their sales. I can also tell you that it is awkward as a shop clerk to wish anyone “Merry Christmas” unless it actually is Christmas or really close to it. It just feels stupid. Is this just more prolefeed?

My mother in law keeps Christmas fanatically. She has a Christmas version of just about everything, and it takes her over a month to decorate. She does not, however, go overboard with the exterior lights. We used to live next to a subdivision in Seattle, Olympic Manor or some such name, where almost every house put on an excessive light display. Folks would come from miles around to cruise the streets of the neighborhood and admire the lights and lawn ornamentation. We haven’t even had a tree for several years and usually spend Christmas going to the movies and out to eat unless we have to visit kinfolks.

The nephews (Huey 11, Dewey 10 and Louis 8) are visiting Thanksgiving weekend. Trevor Zoo and the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum are tentatively on the itinerary. I am going to let them rake leaves to earn arcade money, but we will spring for dinner at a Japanese restaurant. I may wear a mask around them because they usually carry some virus that they picked up at school. I never had kids of my own, so it is nice to have them around to torment for a few days.

We are going to see Allison Kraus and the Union Station this weekend, the first musical concert we have been to in years. (Can it be that the last professional musical performance we attended was Ray Charles in Gainesville, FL over ten years ago? Mrs Vache Folle is right. I never take her anywhere!) I wish there was a bluegrass station that I could get on the radio. Country music is such crap anymore, just listless pop with an occasional “hook”.

We want to see the new Pride and Prejudice, but we live in the boondocks where it has not yet opened. Nothing can compare to the 1995 miniseries, which was so true to the book, but we love the story and are curious to see another interpretation. The 1940 version was terrible, notwithstanding Sir Laurence’s participation.

Congrats to A-Rod on the MVP award. In my book, A-Rod is the best player ever.

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