Monday, February 09, 2009

Week in Review

I got home early on Friday and found two red foxes exploring the back yard. One of them was practically on the deck and seemed interested in one of Jasper's toys that had been buried in the snow. I tried to take a picture of him through a window, but he spotted me and ran over to the western gate and fled into the woods. His conspecific hung around for a while. It was only when he reached the west gate that I felt it was safe to let Jasper out. Stupid fox freaked out and ran all the way across the yard and nearly got himself cornered. Jasper chased it for over five minutes before it got away. Lucky for Jasper, I reckon.

I was home early because I was tuckered out from a trip to Chicago that ended the day before. I was on US Airways, the employers of the heroic Sully, and I found that, because I had given myself more than enough margin for error and had avoided checking a bag, the trip wasn't all that crappy. It was cheap because US Air charges for everything. Check a bag? $15. Want an in flight soda pop? $2. PIllow and blanket? Ka ching! It was still free to use the lavatory (for now).

I stayed at the Omni in dowtown Chicago and was impressed with the service. Everyone was eerily solicitous and competent, and my suite was very comfortable. I had to eat out with the lawyers on the first night, but they turned out to be very good company. That was a bonus.

I turned 51 on Saturday, middle aged given that I expect to attain 150. Everyone agrees that 51 is a cute age. Both my parents called me on my birthday for the first time ever. For Dad it was a coincidence since he doesn't keep up with birthdays. I don't like to make a fuss over them myself. I mean I'm glad I cheated death and all, but that's something to celebrate every day.

It was also my favorite holiday last week, Ground Hog Day or Imbolc. I favor the day because it means that winter is half over.

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