Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fleischer's of Kingston

I drove all the way to Kingston (a little over 50 miles) to check out Fleischer's, a butcher shop that carries only free range, grass fed meats from local farms. I bought $250 worth of pork (not the other white meat kind, but dark and marbled pork like grandpaw used to raise), beef, chicken, and lamb. The beef came in steaks, ground, and in stew chunks. The pork came in loin, chops, sausage and kielbasa. The supply I laid in should last about three weeks. The butcher said he'd be glad to deliver my order if it was $250 or more, and I might just take him up on that except that Kingston is nice to visit, and I like to see the meat before I buy it.

Fleischer's has everything you could want, and they have a device that freezes your meat instantly if you want it frozen. The service was great, and the shop was clean. I haven't tasted the meat yet, but I'm pretty sure it will be fabulous.

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