Friday, February 13, 2009

Losing a Teacher

Our polymath choir director is leaving at the end of the month to do something else. I am very sorry to see her go as it is a joy to make music with her, but I affirm her discernment of how the Spirit is moving her. She aims to peform more widely, and this will be a blessing to anyone privileged to hear her.

I haven't heard anything about a search to replace her, and I suspect that we won't have a choir director until next fall at the earliest. We muddled through during the incumbent's sabbatical with volunteers from the choir, and that was OK for our regular church services. I don't reckon we'll be doing a complicated recital for Good Friday this year or anything special for Easter. That's a disappointment for me since I especially liked the challenging pieces that we did for special occasions.

I don't see how we can get anyone in the incumbent's league to replace her. She was patient, good humored and kind. She was an incredible teacher who got performances out of us that were far beyond what you'd expect given our level of talent. I was lucky to have sung and played for her.

The choir is what keeps me involved with church. It's my principal activity and contribution to the church. If it falls apart, I would be tempted to find another church with a decent choir.

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