Thursday, December 04, 2008

Who Says Gov't Has No Sense of Humour?

Say you're getting on in years and you want to check on Medicare benefits on the handy dandy web site that the government has set up on the internets. You go to to sign in and discover that you're having a senior moment and can't remember the password the government sent you. You're in luck! There's a Forgot Password Link. Guess what you get when you click on Forgot Password:


You can't use the Forgot Password link until you have successfully logged onto using the password mailed to you by CMS."

But you're in luck! There's a link to Return to Welcome and Sign In Page where you will get a chance to start over and discover that you've forgotten you're password. But You're in luck! There's a Forgot Password Link...

I imagine that there have been some old folks who have been trying to log on for weeks now.

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