Sunday, December 28, 2008

Four Days of TV and Medication

I got hit with an upper respiratory ailment on Christmas and have been lying about in my pajamas for three days now. Mrs Vache Folle went to visit her kinfolk, so I've been wallowing in self pity and watching lots of TV. On Boxing Day, there was a House marathon. It's amazing what those genius doctors can do with those rare diseases. Of course, no such genius doctors work around here, so if I have anything unusual wrong with me (or a lot of usual things as well) I'm a goner.

Yesterday, I watched Band of Brothers, the whole damned series. That was a quality program, let me tell you. Whenever I watch it, I think of my mother's four brothers who served in WW2. NOne of them was a paratrooper, but they were all in the war for three or more years. One uncle served as an infantryman in North Africa, Sicily, Normandy and then some. He was in three invasions.

There was also a Highlander marathon. That's a mistake since every episode is pretty much the same. Duncan runs into immortal and flashbacks to earlier encounter. They engage in threats and insults until the head chopping scene at about 10 minutes before the hour.

Some movies also got the marathon treatment. A Christmas Story is the only one I remember. Sadly, Christmas Carol is not shown nearly enough, and I didn't see the amazing Alistair Sims version at all this year. I had to make do with Patrick Stewart as Scrooge. I reckon I'll have to buy the one I like.

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