Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Roster of the Hellbound and Other Observations

Although I have on occasion speculated about who might be headed for the flames of hell, I really don't know who, if anyone, is going to hell. Rick Warren doesn't know either, but he seems to think that he does. If I were even a little less loving, I'd deem it a delicious irony if Rick Warren found himself in hell for inciting hatred against gays and Jews and Muslims and who knows who else.

The truth is that I just don't believe in hell any longer, and I don't really want anybody to go there. I will be very surprised if it turns out that there really is a hell that involves anything more painful than having to live with what a douche you were in life forever.

I don't know why I'm so disappointed by Obama's selection of Warren as invocation giver. I wanted to think Obama was different, that he was smart. Now here he is reaching across the aisle to folks who would never do the same if they were in power. During the election, I heard some folks proclaim that Democrats and Republicans want the same things but have different ideas about how to achieve them. That's just not true. The GOP doesn't want what Democrats want or what most humans want. They're evil, I tell you, so no good can come of reaching out to them. If you have them down, finish them off!

For most of human history, it was pretty much impossible to be rich without being evil. You had to have slaves or serfs or the like and a system in place to keep other rich bastards and the masses from killing you. Now you can inherit the products of evil without ever having been especially evil yourself. It may even be possible to get rich without screwing people over, but I reckon it's still a whole lot easier to go the evil route.

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James Leroy Wilson said...

My understanding is that Warren and Obama are friends, and that Warren tacitly communicated to his fans that voting for Obama is a perfectly okay thing to do. You may disagree with Warren, but he is not a GOP hack.

And it's not as if Obama ever supported gay marriage.