Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Smegma is one of my favorite words in the English language, and I reckon that it is underutilized. It's a fabulous word to describe a wide range of disgusting substances. "Pardon me, but it looks as though you have some of that toddler smegma on your sleeve." "The subway poles and straps are coated with a fine layer of hobo smeg." "Smeghead" is a delightful way to describe an unpleasant person. "Smeggy" perfectly describes the feeling one has after a long flight or other times one is feeling not so fresh.

We named the fruit of the ginko tree "smegmapples" because they smell like rotting flesh and cover the ground with disgusting stinky goo as they decompose.

Sometimes, I like to use "smeg" as an expletive. Try it instead of "shit" now and then. It works.

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Steve Scott said...

A way back a when, we used to use this word for our names when ordering at a college burger joint. When the order was ready, it was heard over the PA system, and there were more than a few "eeeeew!" comments from the peanut gallery. I haven't heard this word in over 15 years.