Friday, December 12, 2008

Frosty Winds Made Moan

There was an ice storm this morning just south of my house. We had floods instead of ice. The good news was that the extra fortification I had done to the pond on either side of the weir held off the flood. The bad news is that the overflow went somewhere else, and now I'll have to repair that area. The back yard was pretty flloded this morning.

My car pool companion had to take an alternate route to my house because the road he usually takes was closed, perhaps due to downed trees or powerlines. The trees along the Taconic were so heavily laden with ice and bent so low that I feared at times that I would hit them with the Civic. I am thankful that the road itself was not icy during the commute, just flooded. The Saw Mill Parkway was closed north of where we get on it, and traffic was backed up for miles going the other direction.

It has been a crazy week weatherwise. It was nigh on 60 degrees on Wednesday, freezing on Thursday, and icy or rainy on Friday. December has been unusually harsh. If I win the lottery, I'm getting a winter residence somewhere warm.

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