Friday, December 19, 2008

A Random Thought about God

To anyone who follows science, even superficially, the concept of God is so much greater and more transcendent than it could possibly have been for the ancients. Their world was so much smaller, and their God had a much smaller portfolio.

Of course, my own personal world, if I did not inform myself about the cosmos or events on the planet, would be small indeed. It would consist of my work, my home, my church, my small circle of acquaintances and kinfolk. A God in charge of my small sphere would have a lot less to do than the God who informs the Universe and its billions of light years in scope.

Because my God also takes in the Universe, it that much more wonderful that He takes any notice of me at all. To know the love of such a God is beyond describing. The best I can do is patch together some inadequate metaphors.

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