Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Twenty Three Percent

Who are the 23% of people polled who said that they approved of GW Bush's performance? I have tried to imagine conditions under which a person who is aware of current events and not completely irrational could give GW Bush a seal of approval. Several possibilities come to mind.

You could hate America, in which case GW Bush's damage to America is exactly what you want.

You could love America but wish that it was more like a fascist dictatorship, in which case GW Bush's regime was a step in the right direction.

You could desire the hastening of the apocalypse, and GW Bush has brought the world closer to destruction than many regimes.

You could hate the federal government and consider that GW Bush has so discredited it that sentiment for its dissolution will increase. Of course, you'd have to accept all those deaths as a small price to pay to make a point like that.

You could be a beneficiary of federal largesse under the Bush regime.

Mostly though, I figure the 23% is composed of the clueless.

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