Monday, June 02, 2008

A Random Memory

When I arrived at high school for my first day, someone had placed a sticker on my locker. They had placed the same sticker on every locker. It read,"Mr Teat Eats Shit." It referred to our assistant principal who, in my dealings with him over the next four years, seemed like a fairly decent man. Then again, he was an assistant principal and had the name Teat, so he really was fair game. I never found out who pulled off the prank. Because the sticker was funnier if you read Teat to rhyme with shit, it was hard not to think of the man as Mr Tit from that day on.

The stickers were scraped off by the maintence guy right away, but there's no way to get all the glue off of the metal, so just about every locker had a little splotch of glue and maybe a little bit of paper from the sticker left on it. As each new class of freshmen came in, they would be told the story of the stickers and know that the words "Mr Teat Eats Shit" once graced their lockers. After my class graduated, the new high school opened, one of those fancy schmancy "Comprehensive High Schools" all in one brand new building, and the old high school became the junior high. I wonder if the glue patches meant anything to the seventh and eighth graders. It would be shame if they didn't know what the glue signified, that once upon a time, somebody "stuck it" to the authorities.

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