Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random Observations of No Importance

I am sad about George Carlin's death. He still had a lot of curmudgeonly wisdom to share. I would trade several crappy younger comedians to have Carlin back. Why oh why couldn't it have been Dennis Miller or Dane Cook? Throw in all the contributors to NRO while we're at it.

TV "journalists", I have decided after years of observation and disbelief at their wankery, for the most part lack self awareness. Also, they are at that level of intelligence where they almost, but not quite, can think abstractly. They know that there is some higher level of thought, and they think that they can think like that, but they really can't. That's what makes them such douches.

I sometimes find myself taking arguments about "Democracy" seriously. This doesn't last long, but I worry that I might get demented enough as I age to fall back into the illusion that "Democracy" really exists or that it would be desirable if it did. The statist meme complex is never totally eradicated; it's just in remission. Or maybe it just comes at you in a mutated form that your memetic immune system can't completely handle. It bombards the memosphere, it sneaks in with other meme complexes, and it is reinforced constantly by objectively observable practices and social structures. I know that borders are really just imaginary dotted lines on maps, but there's that border station, and there are those border guards, and there are all those people acting as if the border was something nonimaginary. I have to acknowledge the "existence" of the border if I don't want to get killed.

We didn't qualify for a stimulus from the government. Not to worry, though. I have been stimulating myself for decades, and I don't need the government to stimulate me. We've been consuming lately, and I reckon that this is a sign that better times are ahead. I am pretty sure crazy old J Sidney McCain won't get elected and get us all killed and that this will raise confidence at every level in the economy.


Anonymous said...

what a fool Dane Cook is a charming genuine guy with a bright future. he folowed carlins lead and is a guy that makes me crack up all the time. you on the other hand are a nobody

b-psycho said...

Dane Cook is someone whose popularity punches waaaay above his funniness for some reason. I've laughed at his stand-up, but that guy should NOT already be headlining movies.