Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Men's Wearhouse Rocks

The place I worked at went casual full time a number of years ago, so my wardrobe consists mostly of khakis and polo shirts. Looking ahead to potential interviews and other appearances I'll be making as a consultant, I decided to buy me some fancier duds. I also decided not to wait until I achieve my ideal weight because that is probably never going to happen in my lifetime. Besides, I can get stuff altered if I get smaller.

When I am serious about shopping for clothes, nothing will do but the Men's Wearhouse. You go in, tell them what you want, they size you, and they put it all together for you. You're in and out in nothing flat, and you have clothes that mix and match, that fit, and that won't fall apart. The prices are pretty good, too. I spent over a grand in about thirty minutes and got a good start on a whole new wardrobe.

I love it that the clothes are arranged by size. All the size 52 jackets are in one place, for example, so you can see right off what your options are. All the pants of a given size are together, too, and the salesperson can steer you away from stuff that doesn't go with your other stuff. The lady in Poughkeepsie picked out shirts and ties to go with the jackets and pants, so I didn't even have to think about it. I ended up with a new belt and some shoes as well.

I wonder if I can buy stock in the Men's Wearhouse.

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