Thursday, June 14, 2007

Quote of the Week

“One thing you don’t want to be in France is waterfowl—they find more ways to fuck you up if you’re a goose or a duck.” Steve Earle

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Dr. Lenny said...

fzlxynwow - i just read your site from cover to cover. seems i must be channelling you. i have been through the ringer and played tye Job role - mebbe the twelve year old has insight like my twelve year old.
At any rate - the reason that i commented here has to do with what the Buddist monk told Scott at the hot springs - his only four words for the week were : 'fuck the dumb shits.' sure, it's coarse, but it's also fine. We can'r save people from their own demons, but we can arm them with knowledge. :-)

oh - BTW, scientists are people too and then have all the same foibles as everyone else. There are some theories that we assume correct that are not even close. Paradigms change, people change, yet truth remains absolute? i don't think so. just because i have a PhD, doesn't means i know more - sometimes my shit is just 'piled higher and deeper'.(phd) thanks for being - dl