Monday, June 04, 2007

Immigrants Ruined America

Immigration is on the minds of my conspecifics lately. Some want to put a stop to immigration altogether and to deport all 12 million or so illegal aliens. They don’t have anything against individual aliens personally, or so they claim, but they feel that immigration is ruining the country.

The irony is that the most virulent immigrant bashers among my conspeciifcs are immigrants themselves, being children or grandchildren of some of the unwashed masses that made their way through Ellis Island. Immigrants ruining the country? It’s too late to worry about that now. The Ellis Islanders already took care of that. The influx of millions of people from authoritarian countries with no heritage of freedom probably did not do anything to strengthen the American ethos of liberty and personal responsibility. Is it a coincidence that the decline of America into a majoritarian tyranny and nanny state accelerated in the decades after the arrival of the Ellis Islanders?

If we want to reverse the deleterious impact of immigration, we will need to deport the descendants of the Ellis Islanders. Here’s what I propose. Let’s deport anyone who did not have at least one ancestor in what would become the United States by at least 1861. I am willing to give the descendants of Potato Famine refugees a chance to assimilate, but we should review their status in the next ten years or so and give them the boot if they don’t make progress.

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