Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mocking the Mocker

I usually agree with Steve Scott, but I just can’t seem to work up any indignation over people’s glorying in the death of Jerry Falwell. Jerry gloried in the deaths of the victims of the US government in Iraq and Afghanistan and had the temerity to claim that they were being killed in the “name of the Lord”. People dying from AIDS? God’s glorious wrath for a society’s toleration of homosexuality, per Falwell. People killed in the World Trade Center? More glorious divine wrath because of the gays. Jerry seemed to take great pleasure in death and destruction and was always quick to give God the credit and to enlighten us on God’s reasons. If anyone deserves to be mocked in death, Jerry is a prime candidate for such mockery.

Of course, we’re no better off for Jerry’s being dead. Another like minded preacher will doubtless step into his shoes and continue the message that Jesus loves us (unless we’re gay or Democrats) and is going to kill us (especially if we’re gay or Democrats).

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Steve Scott said...

VF, I didn't connect my two posts together, but I think I'd draw a line between mocking him by using his own words against him (i.e. you got yours now, pal, let's see what God says to you) and glorying in his death by throwing a drunken orgy party as a celebration in spite of him while villifying his name and planning to piss on his grave.