Monday, November 13, 2006

I Hate Veterans' Day

In church on Sunday, the pastor asked all the veterans to stand, and I stood up without thinking. I didn’t expect this and would have remained seated if I had known it was coming. “Look at me, I used to be an idiot and may still be one!” The ten or so men in the choir and congregation got a brief round of applause. Mercifully, the honoring was short, and the pastor’s prayer was directed at the end of ongoing wars rather than an ode to military service.

I was heartened by this, since I am not really sure where my co-religionists stand on political issues such as the War on Terra and the adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan. I would like to think that they adhere to the teachings of Jesus in this regard, but I avoid political discussions at church and so don’t really know. Presumably, the pastor’s calls for peace indicate that the congregation is generally for peace and an end to war.

I was also happy to see so few veterans in the congregation, less than 5% of those present and some of them likely WW2 and Korean War vets who may not have had a choice. That there are so few dupes in the congregation speaks well of our collective intelligence level and the quality of our families overall. It was probably the parents of the non-veterans who saved them from the mistake of enlisting when they were young and foolish. I know I was a total maroon back when I took the king’s shilling, and I reckon that if my old man had been around he might have talked me out of it. He tried to talk my younger brother out of it fifteen years later, but he was evidently an even bigger maroon than I was since he enlisted despite this good fatherly advice.

How did Armistice Day, a celebration of peace, become Veterans’ Day, a day of glorification of warriors? I bet those WW2 glory hounds were somehow behind it. Their constant parades and honor seeking do much to keep up the myth of the glory of war and the sacrifices of the warrior, and I wish they would quit it already. I much prefer your Korean War vet or your Vietnam War vet, since they aren’t always looking for a grateful nation to keep on thanking them ad nauseam. They don’t pretend that their service was glorious. Look at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial: it’s a wall with the names of the 50,000 plus folks who died so senselessly. And Korean War memorials are even hard to find in most places.

It won’t be long before the WW2 vets will be too feeble to parade, and let’s hope the Iraq War vets fail to follow their example.


Anonymous said...

It's the old timers who told the younger veterans "You ain't a real veteran". Vietnam Veterans will NOT be marching. Who can blame them if they never forgive the treatment they received. By default all of those who came after, Gulf War I, OIF/OEF are regarded by the geezers as "pussies" too. They won't be marching either.

Anonymous said...

Veterans are war criminals and should be sent to the ICC to answer for their crimes. All undrafted military personel knowingly joined an organization knowing full well they would be engaging in crimes against humanity. There is no excuse and we should shed no tears for these people. It's a disgrace and an abomination that Veterans Day even exists. Like we should be hyping up a bunch of warmongerers who bayoneted and raped a bunch of innocent third-worlders. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

Calling any American veteran a war criminal is such a passe' old screed that the left continues to expound upon.
What's next? The Islamists murdering civilians with impunity and the Russians invading Georgia are freedom fighters?

Zachary said...

Veterans are dip shits. They need to quit thinking their any braver than anyone else.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I just love these comments from the Anonymous Zacharies " Veterans are dipshits, war criminals, etc" Typical GENERATION X and Y wastes.
"Mom, get me another BigGulp and a couple dozen bags of Cheetos!"

fuckoffliers said...

I'm a vet too. I don't parade it and I hate those who are attention whores about it (agree) but the whole "they're cowards and criminals" Ha! Fuck off hippies. You wouldn't even survive orientation day at basic training. Go pretend you did something somewhere else. You suck and you know it. Idiots who hid hehind a box.