Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I am Spiteful

The boss is letting us out early today so we can vote. I'm gonna vote a straight Democratic ticket. I'm even going to vote for that corrupt Hevesi for Comptroller. I'm doing this out of pure unadulterated spite. The GOP sucks so much that I want to show my contempt as clearly as possible by not only refusing to vote for GOP candidates but by voting for the Democrats they hate so much. I will never, ever cast a vote for a GOP candidate again as long as I live.

I don't expect the Democrats to do anything that I approve of. I'm pretty sure they will suck, too, but is it even possible for them to screw up as much as the GOP has? They are not as authoritarian as the GOP, that's for sure.

My car pool companion, a lifelong Republican is voting a straight Democratic ticket, too. He was going to vote for some Republicans, but he got a dozen annoying robo-calls in the last couple of days so he aims to punish the GOP for that.

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Dr. Lenny said...

you have my sympathy, but not my blessing. i voted for only issues that i had a sense of and candidates that i know personally. Which includes a democratic representative in a safe district, and a republican state rep who pulled through in the clutch a few years back when a weaker willed individual might have toed the party line, then caught it full blast in a very dirty next campaign.
we need a different system - one where reason is used to address problems and money is just a medium of exchange. i don't know how to step up to the plate, but i understand that thinking about problems from the mindset they were created in has no chance of resolution in a progressive form. i have no illusion that today's vote will affect the politics as usual approach from inside the beltway and the state legislatures. there is no
value left there for we the people.