Friday, July 21, 2006

Why Does WaPo Still Believe the Government When it CLaims to Have Foiled Another Terror Plot?

I read in the Washington Post yesterday about two of my fellow Georgians who are charged with plotting to attack the Capitol:

The reporting consists entirely of regurgitating the federal government’s story. The men are accused of having photos and videos of sites in and around DC from a recent visit there, of having traveled to the Middle East, and of having “jihad” materials, whatever that means. Oh, I almost forgot the most damning fact. They are of Middle Eastern origin.

I have yet to learn of terror charges that actually panned out, and I simply don’t believe the story. This is because of stories like this one in the Birch Blog:
Time after time, it turns out that terror plots were exaggerations or just plain frame up jobs.

In view of the pattern of government lying and exaggeration, why didn’t the Washington Post demonstrate any skepticism? I would bet that the real story is government deception and that it won’t be told until the Birch Blog tells it long after the harm has been done.

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