Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My Fellow Crackers Reject Ralph Reed

Ralph Reed did not get the GOP nomination for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. I am a little proud of my fellow Georgians (I still think of myself as a Georgian even though I am an expat in New York) for recognizing Reed for the corrupt, cynical bast*rd that he is. Lieutenant Governor would have been a stepping stone for that evil little man to higher office, possibly the now dictatorial office of the presidency. When I see or hear Reed, I get a touch of the “Dead Zone” heebie jeebies and sense that he is bad news. He might be the Antichrist for all I know. That’s the vibe I get from him.

Lieutenant Governor would have been a great position for such a scheming little man. It’s about as useless a position as can be imagined, right up there with Vice President, and it gives the officeholder a lot of time to solidify plans and position himself for the next move. He isn’t responsible for anything but gets a lot of publicity and respect. He might even get lucky and become Governor if something happens to the incumbent. And Governor is the requisite bullet point on your resume that comes right before President.

Reed reckoned he was untouchable as a golden boy of the Religious Right, and his arrogance let him engage in some shady lobbying business with Jack Abramoff. Reed forgot that when you hold yourself us a holier than thou, you had better at least try to appear to be holier. Everybody, even religious folks, love to see a self righteous jerk get taken down a notch.

I am happy that my fellow Crackers did the right thing. I am pleasantly surprised considering how many folks I know voted for JB Stoner back in the day.

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