Friday, July 21, 2006

The Neocons are Terrorists

Evil acts undertaken under color of law or under claims of authority derived from states are morally equivalent to otherwise similar evil acts undertaken by non-state actors. If Hezbollah is not a “state”, evil actions taken by members or partisans of Hezbollah in furtherance of Hezbollah’s aims are no more or less evil than similar evil deeds undertaken in the name of the State of Israel or the United States. Killing folks who have nothing to do with the conflict between the two armed gangs of Israel and Hezbollah is morally reprehensible whether the killing is done by partisans of Israel or Hezbollah. They are morally equivalent.

The neocon death cult in the United States is not a “state” but it has effectively taken control of the United States government which it uses to legitimize and carry out a program of aggressive war and terror in the Middle East. Its avowed aim is to embroil the United States in perpetual warfare in furtherance of its quest to hold on to power. It is no less a terrorist organization than Hezbollah or Hamas or Al Qaeda just because it uses the apparatus of a state to achieve its ends. It is, in fact, a much more dangerous organization than any of the others I have cited since it has access to destructive capabilities and resources that far exceed those of any other terrorist organization. If the world laments that Hamas has taken control of the apparatus of the Palestinian state or that Hezbollah has influence in the Lebanese state, it ought more to lament the control of the neocon death cult of the US. It wants to and is capable to wage a Global War of Terror.

The “state” does not absolve evildoers of any guilt for their deeds. The idea that it does ought to have been laid to rest at Nuremberg.

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Steve Scott said...

It should have been laid to rest when the Roman soldiers went out to be baptized in the Jordan by John the Baptist.