Monday, July 17, 2006

Bedwetters for Bush?

I took a long weekend and did not take in any news, so I was surprised this morning to find that some folks are saying that we are in “World War III”. I hope this is not true, especially in view of the “leadership” we are stuck with. So far, I reckon that the conflict in the Levant is not sufficiently global to qualify as a World War. Of course, the Bush crime family could probably find a way to turn a local war into a global conflagration. And they do realize that scared people become irrational and that irrational people vote GOP.

On the other hand, the incompetence of the regime has been so frightening that starting WW3 might backfire. Are these really the guys you want in charge when the shooting escalates?

The best thing for the GOP would be for the war to stay localized but for people to buy into calling it World War III. That way, they’ll be scared but there won’t be any actual danger. The more such bedwetters the better, since bedwetters vote GOP.

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