Monday, July 31, 2006

More Carzy Conspecifics

I seem to be in a time loop of some sort. I keep having the same discussions over and over again, albeit with different people. I am cursed.

Today I was told by a conspecific that he didn’t blame the oil companies for the high price of gasoline. They were just taking advantage of the situation like good businessmen. He blamed the government for not stepping in and controlling prices. When I told him that I thought the government had stepped in to control prices by raising them to their current levels and beyond, he told me I was “conspiracy buff” and went on calling for the feds to legislate gasoline prices back to less than $2.00 a gallon.

Later, a staunch pro-Israel conspecific defended the IDF’s murder of civilians on the basis that the soldiers should not have to put themselves at risk to avoid civilian casualties. How much risk should they be willing to take to avoid killing children? None at all. On the other hand, by this same man’s reckoning a pregnant woman should be compelled by the state to take on substantial risks in carrying her pregnancy to term whether she wants to or not. I asked him whether IDF troops or US soldiers or cops shouldn’t be held to the same standard as he wants to impose on pregnant women. His rely was that the situations are “different” in that the fetus is “innocent”. The children killed by the IDF aren’t really “innocent” in that by their existence they are shielding terrorists.

Sometimes, I think my head will explode if I have to listen to the “reasoning” of my conspecifics much more.

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jomama said...

Reason is dead.

Long live chaos.

Psst. I don't really mean that last part, but I'm getting used to live with it. What choice do we have?

Now, I'm going back to my cave...

Stop by for some grog someday.