Friday, January 06, 2006

Are Iraq and the War on Terror Going Just as Planned?

As I was listening to Max Cleland on Rachel Maddow’s show this morning, it suddenly occurred to me that everything that appears to be a snafu vis a vis Iraq and terrorists was intended by the ruling criminal syndicate. Instead of being the most incompetent and insane regime ever, it is full of evil geniuses!

Think about it. The regime doesn’t want to stabilize Iraq; they never intended to do so. They just wanted to control the oil fields, establish a permanent presence there, and maintain a state of war to inoculate the regime from criticism. They’ll keep Iraq unstable so that there will always be a reason to stay in just a little while longer, i.e. forever. The regime knows that Iraq will never be stable as long as the occupation force is there, and that suits them just fine.

Also, the power grabs, curtailments of liberties, and need for massive military spending and purchases and contracting and what have you to siphon money from the people to the friends of the regime depend on the perception of a vast Islamo-fascist threat. Since that threat is in reality quite small, it was necessary to build it up and lend it some credibility. Iraq, therefore, had to be made into a training and breeding ground for terrorists.

The regime can only hope that there will be additional terrorist attacks outside of Iraq. If the terrorists do not strike in the US, the regime will take credit for preventing any attacks. If terrorists do strike in the US, the regime will claim that its prevention efforts were hampered by pesky civil liberties, the media, critics of the regime, the Democrats, etc. An attack in the US would result in the regime’s being rewarded with more power, more money, and more immunity from criticism. If there is a big enough security failure, the regime might even get away with suspending elections in 2008.

The regime is counting on the credulity and fearfulness of the electorate and the effectiveness of the right wing propaganda machine. It has worked so far, and I don’t reckon that the electorate is going to get any smarter in the near future.

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