Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Texas Has To Go

The idea that states may secede from the US was pretty much laid to rest in 1865. However, we haven't yet tested the idea of expulsion of states. I say we try it out on Texas. Texas is a cancer on the US, and it must be amputated if our country is ever to be healthy.

Imagine America without Texas. Pretty nice, huh?

Texas would make a handy third world country right in our backyard for any other whackos to emigrate to. We'd have Texas as an example of what life would be like if the whackadoodles were in control. That'd shut a few folks up.

Of course, we'll want to close all military installations and move our stuff out of Texas before we kick them out. Texans in the military would be discharged unless they renounce Texan citizenship and take a loyalty oath. Texans should be required to have visas to travel to the US, and most of them shouldn't be allowed in under any circumstances. Texans hate us for our freedoms.

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Amagi said...

I support Texas in any secession efforts but why do they specifically have to go? Shouldn't we let any person or people who no longer want to be part of a voluntary association leave when they are no longer satisfied?

I don't really see them as a cancer, maybe different but not necessarily harmful. Live and let live.