Friday, September 04, 2009

Obama's Vietnam

On Countdown, or some such show, the other day, it came up that some GOP strategists were looking to make Afghanistan "Obama's Vietnam". The opening salvo may have been George Will's column calling for withdrawal from Afghanistan.

What would the target constituency be for such a strategy? Democrats and Obama supporters tend to be smart enough to know that Aghanistan was inherited by Obama and screwed up by GW Bush. Even the most anti-war of liberals aren't going to align themselves with the GOP. I reckon you might keep some of them home on election day, but the GOP is bound to nominate a scary candidate that will offset any tendency on the left to stay away from the polls.

Is there some group in the swing voter set that the GOP would be courting? I suppose that there are quite a few complete dumbasses among swing voters. At the least the GOP is counting on a high level of dumbassery.

What about the GOP base? I reckon they'll do as they're told. Cognitive dissonance only matters when there's sufficient cognitive capacity. Still, the GOP has invested a lot in the meme that supporting the troops equals supporting the war, and it may be hard for even the most authoritarian among us to do a complete 180. Every weekend for years, a bunch of yahoos hang out on Route 9 near the Galleria Mall and wave flags and signs that support the wars and the troops. Across the way, some peace demonstrators do their thing. If the call goes out from Rush Limbaugh, will these folks cross the street and carry peace signs?

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