Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Coyote Serenade

For over five years now, we've been regaled from time to time with the strangely beautiful midnight caterwauling of some animals. This gets Jasper all riled up, and we have to drag him in from a barking frenzy. Mrs Vache Folle has for years insisted that this was a rout of coyotes, but I always reckoned she didn't know peediddlysquat about life in the country. It turns out she has been correct all along. My apologies for doubting you, Madam.

I saw one of them yesterday in broad daylight down by Kiyiwana farms. Of course, they're naturally diurnal and only stick to darkness to stay shy of humankind, so this was not alarming or anything. What beautiful animals they are.

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