Monday, August 31, 2009

Good Thing We Have the Holy Ghost

Sunday's sermon had a theme that each of us "belongs to the ages". On the one hand, the preacher wanted us to recall that we were made for eternity, while on the other he stressed the importance of "the dash" on your tombstone between your birth and death dates. He was kind of all over the place if you ask me. He preached about King David whose deeds served the purposes of the Lord in his generation and who then died. He also spoke of several parishioners who had recently died and whose lives of service and faith had been so meaningful and whose legacy lived on in the church.

That's the problem with the whole eternal life thing. What's the point of the here and now really if it's just a minor blip? We probably won't even remember ever having been alive after a couple of thousand years in the afterlife.

Since we have the Holy Ghost now, we are already living in eternity to the extent that He/She/It dwells in us. The Holy Ghost makes us love our neighbors and attend to the suffering in this world even though we have the hope of eternal life. Without the Holy Ghost, the promise of eternal life would blind us to the troubles of the world.

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