Monday, August 31, 2009

God Will Increase and His Fancy Coat

God Will Increase was Strives With God's favorite of his twelve sons. He was a tattler and he was tactless enough to lord it over his brothers when he had dreams that he would rule over them. So they conspired to murder him. Behold a Son convinced the other brothers to spare God Will Increase, so they sold him into slavery instead and told their old man that he had been eaten by a wild beast. They bloodied up God Will Increase's many hued coat that Strives With God had given him as evidence.

Everybody knows the story of how God Will Increase, on the strength of his dream interpretation skills but an otherwise pretty sketchy resume, rose from obscure slavery and imprisonment to become the steward of all Egypt during seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine.

God Will Increase's brothers end up in Egypt during the famine to buy food, and God Will Increase messes with them big time. He doesn't reveal his identity to them and frames them for theft. He demands that they go home and bring their youngest brother Son of My Right Arm and holds some hostages. Hilarity ensues with the big reveal, and God Will Increase forgives his brothers. He moves the whole family to Egypt. This sets up the book of Exodus.

The moral of the story is that it's ok to sell your kid brother into slavery as long as it ends well.

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