Friday, July 03, 2009


On Wednesday, it rained like hell. Our backyard had a river running through it because the pond could not contain all the water gushing off the mountain. Visibility was close to zero, and I had to drive 20 mph on the Taconic to get home.

Mrs Vache Folle and I went out to eat at Peza, our usual Wednesday night date, and by the time we got home the waters had subsided. I checked the damage and was delighted to find that our measures to prevent flood damage had almost all worked such that the only damage was the detritus that had washed up on the lawn in various places. A little raking and a little mulch replacing is all I need to do to recover from the storm. My measures by the pachysandra patch were in vain, but the pachysandras survived what I had believed was a pretty throrough scouring by the torrent from the mountain.

Anyway, I would rather have had a monstrous storm tomorrow evening. I hate fireworks.

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