Monday, May 11, 2009

Wherein I Repent

Yesterday's scripture readings and sermon really got to me. The theme was using communication to build up rather then to destroy, to be clothed in love and kindness rather than in wrath. I feel that I have been way too critical of my conspecifics, and I aim to mend my ways.

I really do love my conspecifics, and I understand that each of them has been made in God's image. Moreover, most of them are doing the best they can under the circumstances in which they find themselves. They don't know any better or different, and they probably never will. They should elicit pity more than anger on my part.

As a Christian anarchist, I look forward to the day, perhaps millions of years in the future, when the transformation of humanity by the Holy Spirit will end any perceived need for government beyond the Kingdom of God. It has pleased God for reasons that I cannot fathom, that this transformation should be deferred and for much of mankind to remain selfish and hostile and a source of self inflicted woe. I must learn to treat my conspecifics with gentleness and love, even those who annoy me and threaten my freedom, if I am to contribute to progress toward the Kingdom.

This is not to say that I cannot disgree with folks. I should just try to do so without being disagreeable. Let's see how well I do.

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