Friday, May 15, 2009

Hummers and Other Things I'm Thankful For

Yesterday was rainy, and I had the blues. I managed to pull myself out of my depressed state by pondering those things that give me joy.

For instance, I love hummingbirds. I don't exactly know why, but nothing cheers me up like a hummer. Multiple hummers are better yet.

Birdsong is a delight beyond compare. We feed the songbirds so they'll hang around, and this has really paid off with a veritable choir of birds.

Spotting wildlife makes me very happy. Having a moose in the backyard was one of the coolest moments ever. The foxes playing with the dog toys in the snow were very exciting. A buzzard on the fence or ducks in the pond gave me great joy.

I can't have too many flowers in the garden. Right now the lilacs are blooming, and I love their fragrance.

I love my pond. I even love mucking the pond. I love nothing better than sitting out back watching the pond.

Some other bliss inducers:

Eating dead animal parts grilled over charcoal.



Playing monkey in the middle with the pit bull.

Mega Sudoku.

My steam shower.


Mowing the grass.

1 comment:

TitansFan said...

TO call my Steam Shower blissfull would be a huge understatement. I'd rather be in it than my hot tub.