Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Snake Encounters

The long weeked was marked by close encounters with water snakes. On Saturday, Jasper caught Brad, the mack daddy of the water snakes in our pond, and I had to intervene to keep Brad alive and Jasper unbitten. On Monday, Mrs Vache Follw was weeding the daffodils by the pond when two water snakes chased a large frog right where she was kneeling. The frog got away, and the snakes made themselves comfortable and started screwing in the daffodils. The frog seemed way to big for thos particular middling sized snakes. Later that day, Mrs VF happened on a baby water snake in the grass by the deck, further from the water than we've ever seen a water snake before.

Today, I went down to the pond to try out a new net I bought for mucking, and I ran into Brad on the berm with the ass end of a huge frog sticking out of his mouth. His jaw had unhinged, and he was swallowing what seemed to me to be an impossibly large meal. Jasper came over, so Brad swam across the pond to the Jasper free zone where the dog is not permitted to go. Slowly but surely, Brad swallowed that frog and slithered off with a huge lump in his middle. He'll likely not need to eat again for some time.

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