Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Additional Star Trek Questions

Star Trek 's extraterrestrials have over the years gotten less lame (with the exception of the Kazon in Voyager, a race distinguished entirely by very bad haircuts). The effects have gotten better and better. Why then haven't they also been able to get rid of the split infinitive in "to boldly go"? It's "to go boldly", for crying out loud.

Isn't it strange that the English language has not changed much in several centuries? Based on past developments, I'd have expected a lot of borrowings from extraterrestrial languages, especially for newfangled stuff. And how come nobody ever cusses, even when they're under pressure or really pissed off or frightened?

Although racism among humans seems to have been cured, how come those standards aren't applied between species? It seems to be perfectly OK to express hatred for an entire species, as Ryker does about the Ferengi in at least one episode, or to make sweeping generalizations about them.

Is there a chaplain on board the Enterprise? Or has all religion gone by the wayside (other than Bajoran worship of the wormhole aliens)? Perhaps the concept of the chaplaincy has been put aside in view of the likely extreme diversity of beliefs.

What does it take to get a colony on another planet authorized? It seems to me that it would cost a hell of a lot for private individuals to set up their own planet and that you'd have to get Federation permission and protection.

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