Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I Am Depressed and Anxious, and I Think I Should Be

Except for Keith Olbermann’s show, I have steadfastly maintained my mainstream media fast for almost a year and a half. My conspecifics continue to get most of their news from cable news networks, and I can see how stupid this makes them. For starters, they seem to believe everything that comes over the air, even when it is plain that the network is simply transmitting the government line. They don’t seem to be the least bit skeptical of the utterances of government spokescritters, one of the main indicia of stupidity if there ever was one. If there really is an anti-stupid pill(, I am going to spike the coffee at the office with massive doses. I think it should go in the water supply along with Zoloft.

Based on what I hear from my conspecifics, tidbits on Countdown, stuff on the internets and The Daily Show’s scathing critiques of the media, I don’t think that I could take in news from mainstream media sources without walking around in a perpetual state of rage. I already find that actual events in the world “endanger my calm” enough as it is without my being exposed to toxic spin and further evidence of the stupidity of my conspecifics. For the first time ever, I have been researching firearms with a view to arming myself for (a) a rebellion, or (b) a post-apocalyptic dystopia. I have not kept firearms since I was a teenager, and I am as pacific a soul as you will ever meet; however, I have a profound sense of unease about the world.

Maybe I need to increase my Zoloft dosage. That’s what I like about the modern world. We maintain a soul devouring, alienating existence and then classify those of us who are depressed and anxious about it as pathological. Am I “paranoid”? You bet. If you are not paranoid, you are not paying attention.

And the more I turn to my faith, the more heartbroken I become. Of course, there is peace and comfort in the arms of Jesus, but there is also a heightened compassion and a tenderness of heart that will not allow you to ignore suffering and that makes you cringe every time you hear the blasphemous utterances spewing from right wing Christianists. Unfortunately, I am not such a good follower of Jesus that I ever actually do anything about anyone’s suffering or ever confront false prophets. I feel utterly powerless to do anything but pray and mourn.

Perhaps if I stopped informing myself about the world altogether, I would be better off.


lemme howdt said...

A short play of words. Cast l.h. - lemme howdt, d.l. - doctor lenny

l.h.: vache - what is this thing called main stream media of which you speak? is that the funny box that has the faux news and that sort of stuff? and conspecifics - why do you deal with such entities? i have plenty of critters on the farm - i gather that these are these conspecific types? at least mine don't talk and are mostly mammalian.

d.l.: which gets me around to the point of the stress. i too have been a bit wigged over the past few days and i get the sense that perhaps the self-fulfilling prophesy folks are riding high. i slipped over the edge and no longer worry about whether i was meant to be - and taken to planning for the post-apocalypse. Not that i believe any of the predictors, nostredamos, biblical or otherwise, i just can't be certain about the facts underlying some of the issues any longer. if my latest theory holds true - we might have 1/256 overlap - which likely means we are channelling the same stream of conscience. One more half - to 1/512 gets us to wavelength definition frequency.

l.h.: I feel anxious and depressed too, but i think that is something in the air - stress levels and tensions rise to the occaisions and we are set for a doozie. Guns good is a different concept, but so is harvesting farm animals for food. Needs to be. i keep both peace and compassion in my mantra set - lennon said that all you need is love, but i think that's only the beginning. sacred geometry rocks.

d.l.: Try this blog on for size - .
Funny things was, the previous evening i was remarking to a colleague that i couldn't find very much stuff on tesla and stubblefield magically appears. hmmm.

l.h.: do you prefer playing onstage or behind the scenes? actors and their roles was one of my favorite jeopardy topics when i did tube - might have some mutualist significance in the back channel.

(room for v.f. to insert lines)
having some fun now !?

jomama said...

sacred geometry rocks.


3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 etc.


Kevin Carson said...

"I think it should go in the water supply along with Zoloft."

I like Willie's suggestion: the world would be a better place if everybody smoked a joint every day.