Monday, August 21, 2006

Is Bush an Iranian Double Agent?

Ron Paul was mentioned on Air America this morning as an intelligent critic of the insane policy of the Bush regime toward Iran. It is getting harder and harder for me to sustain the fiction that the Bush regime has intended the results it has achieved in the Middle East. Unless Bush is really an Iranian undercover operative dedicated to the interests of the Iranian government, nothing he has done makes any sense at all.

The simplest explanation may be that the neocons are idiots so out of touch with reality that they have completely screwed the pooch. What did they think would happen when they orchestrated the invasion of Iraq? Did they really think that the US would be able to go around kicking ass and taking names without significant resistance and that all the pieces would magically fall into place once the region was destabilized? I am beginning to think that they really believed the Iraqis would greet the US as beloved liberators and that they really believe that they can engineer a popular revolt in Iran. I have been hesitant to believe this since the neocons are generally well educated folks who shouldn’t harbor such puerile delusions. But here we are.

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