Friday, August 11, 2006

No Way to Wage a War on Terror

The Busheviks aren't interested in fighting terror. On the contrary, they want us to be terrified. Why else would a "thwarted" terror plot result in a raised alert level and the confiscation of liquids from airline passengers? Federal officals, pundits and the lapdog media are telling us to be afraid, that attacks are inevitable and enemies abound. This doesn't decrease our terror. It is designed to increase it. I have noticed that some of my acquaintances who used to wet themselves when plots were announced now just shrug it off. They are all terrored out. Still, it seems that a lot of folks are scared silly enough to acquiesce in the destruction of their country by the GOP.

What would a good and competent president do? Let's imagine a hypothetical president (let's call him President Gore) who wanted to reduce terror. How might he handle the terror plot foiled by the Pakistanis and the UK? His spokespeople would congratulate America's allies on their police work and emphasize that the plot had been thwarted and that there was nothing to fear. Rest assured, he would say, that law enforcement around the world is hard at work tracking would be terrorists. He would urge us to go about our business as usual and to be unafraid. Terrorists want us to be afraid and to change our lives and institutions out of fear. So let's not give them the satisfaction, he would say. Three cheers for President Gore!

The GOP and Joe Lieberman aim to terrorize us. What do we call someone who excites fear for political ends? We need a word for that.

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Steve Scott said...

I think a good word might be "politician."