Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Space Business

I believe that it is important for humans to get off the earth and populate the rest of the universe. If we stay earthbound, we are doomed. And I am convinced that the best hope for freedom is the proliferation of humans with every imaginable kind of society throughout the universe. It is hard to control people who have the run of the universe.

I am disappointed that we have done so little and such pointless space-faring so far. We could do so much more, and people will doubtless jump into space-faring in droves if it becomes profitable. I have already presented some ideas for space-based businesses: zero gravity nursing homes, asteroid moving extortion, casinos, selling space burgers to space-workers. I hope we do not have to wait until life on earth becomes prohibitively expensive before space colonization becomes profitable, and I reckon there is a danger that it will become too late at some point.

I think the key is for space colonies to be self sustaining, and to do that they must have a source of revenue. One way to kick start space exploration is probably the tourist industry. Tourism is a remarkable industry in that the resources on which it depends never get used up. Tourists come and enjoy the views and experiences, and when they leave the views and experiences are undiminished and ready for the next batch of visitors. Also, you don’t have to carry a product from space back to earth.

Before long, it will be feasible to transport tourists to and from the moon. I envision a complex at the Sea of Tranquility to take advantage of the first lunar landing as an attraction. A museum and gift shop devoted to lunar exploration would be a draw as would excursions to have your picture taken by the flag planted by the Apollo astronauts. You could rent lunar rovers and space suits and go on tours of craters.

Inside the complex would be an all inclusive resort with gambling, fabulous entertainments, virtual shopping and low gravity sports. Think of the thrill rides that lunar gravity might allow. Guests would be encouraged to pack nothing so as to minimize payload for baggage and to wear casual outfits provided by the facility. At first, the trips would be very expensive, but over time they would become more affordable, and the super rich would find themselves looking for more out of the way resorts or private asteroids.

The resort might employ hundreds of people who in turn would require goods and services that additional businesses would eventually provide. When enough folks live and work on the moon or in space, heavy industry to support them and markets on earth will develop.

I hope to visit the Tranquility Base Resort on my 50th wedding anniversary in ’33 if not sooner. The lunar gravity will feel good to my aging frame.


lemme howdt said...

if the fold and unfold can be worked howdt - we may be able to take the state run public economic system and invert it into a value driven private consensus world that can innovate this type of thing. mrs howdt and i will only be celebrating our 47th in '33, but our kid will be paving the way in astrospace engineering.

i understand the laws of science and you seem to be a practitioner of the science of laws. we both can handle austrian economics - what other necessities follow that can enable a peaceful re-assumption of government power and the invention of a limited servant goverance, as my reading of the USC seems to imply. i am willing to do due diligence towards 'we the people', but consensus, while nice, has to defer to better judgement and greater knowledge. doesn't it?

Vache Folle said...

Let's meet up at the bar by the Tranquility Base gift shop and then catch Cirque du Soleil's "Lunatique" show.

To answer your question about other necessities, I am beginning to think that firearms training might be helpful.