Monday, June 13, 2005

Impeach the President

Count me as one who is on board with the movement to impeach GW Bush. I realize that the Republicans in Congress are mostly corrupt and out for themselves and that the Democrats are, in addition, first rate wusses, but if the movement gets a head of steam combined with some turnover in 2006, it may gain a life of its own. Congresscritters would have to get on the impeachment bandwagon to save their own political butts.

It would be better, IMO, if the US impeached and then prosecuted GW rather than having some other country snag him for war crimes after he is out of office. There should be no pardon for GW, and the candidates for president in 2008 should be questioned on their intentions with respect to a pardon of GW Bush and any of his co-conspirators.

This is what comes of the much touted "meritocracy". You get an administration and a Congress and a judiciary full of self aggrandizing strivers who think that they deserve their positions on the basis of "merit" and who put their own personal interests before the national interest (if they ever think of the national interest at all). Thus, we have no statesmen in the Cabinet with the independence and courage to resign in protest over the crimes and follies of GW Bush, only a handful of Congresscritters who will stand up and call bulls**t on the regime and put their reelection at risk, and few judges who will stand up for liberty. With all the checks and balances, we still need men of honor and character to serve, and there is nothing about our electoral system that makes it at all likely that men of honor and character will be chosen. On the contrary, our electoral system is most likely to put men like GW Bush into office.

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