Friday, June 17, 2005

Anti-war Caucus

Congressman Chas. Rangel was on Morning Sedition today. He is a leader in a bipartisan caucus in Congress that is calling for an exit from Iraq. He pointed out that the tide was turning and that it was becoming much more "comfortable" for more people to discuss ending the illegal and immoral war in Iraq. Forty or so members are on board, about 10% of Congress, and I pray that their momentum continues until it becomes "uncomfortable" for all but the most immoral wingnut to express support for the war. If troops are still there in 2006, let's hope that the war becomes the central issue of the mid-term election campaigns and that politicians will distance themselves from the evil GW Bush. Maybe even the moribund MSM will get on the bandwagon when they see the writing on the wall.

I was gratified that the possibility of impeachment was discussed on the program as a serious prospect. Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and the rest of the criminal conspiracy in the current regime all warrant impeachment and prosecution. If there was ever a case for impeachment and criminal sanctions, this administration has made it. I hope that the time comes when disgust with this gang becomes so overwhelming in the public that it becomes uncomfortable to defend them. Let the neo-con conspirators crawl back under their rocks where they belong. The MSM should broadcast the impeachment meme and take the lead on this as the trials of the neo-cons will be the greatest reality show ever. I would watch every minute and even put up with their mindless pundits for the chance to see these bast***ds squirm in the dock and do the "perp walk". In the end, putting the gang in those nice cages in Gitmo would be sweet irony. To me, that is the best argument for keeping Gitmo open.

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