Monday, June 06, 2005

Blastocyst Endangerment

One of my conspecifics of the "right to life" persuasion professes to believe that frozen embryos should be adopted by strangers and implanted in wombs. He says that this is a popular position among his "culture of life" buddies at the Knights of Columbus.

I applaud anyone who seeks to adopt a frozen embryo. I am considering this myself once I figure out whether the Alternative Minimum Tax will thwart my efforts to reduce my tax bill with a large number of dependents of the embryonic variety. The natural parents would have to consent, or their parental rights would have to be otherwise terminated.

However, I cannot support the notion of thawing the little guys out and putting them into wombs. Thawing is fraught with peril and is of such high risk that it would be unconscionable to subject them to this. Moreover, once thawed, life in a womb is hardly a bed of roses. There is a substantial chance that the embryo will die. Anyone who contemplates thawing and implantation is, in my opinion, guilty of blastocyst endangerment. As I have previously advocated, the responsible parent of a frozen embryo will maintain the frozen state as the best way to ensure that the embryo will survive and life a long, albeit unproductive, life.

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