Tuesday, April 22, 2008


In Wilkes-Barre, PA, there is an occasional spontaneous mutation which permits persons born there to enjoy normal or superior intelligence. Mrs Vache Folle and her mother, both of whom escaped what can charitably be described as the hell hole of Luzerne County, carry the mutation. Her brother and some other kinfolks of hers apparently do not. One distinguishing characteristic of individuals with the mutation is that they don't live in Wilkes-Barre any longer than they have to. Those with the "normal" genes tend to be dumbasses, the kind of people who will openly avow that they won't vote for Barack Obama because he is black. There may be sensible reasons not to vote for Senator Obama, but his being black isn't one of them. These folks reckon that they'd like a president who is "one of them". God help us all if that happens again.

I know Catholics who are devout Christians and admirable in every respect, so I don't believe that I am anti-Catholic. But I consider the papacy to be among the most ridiculous institutions ever conceived. And the incumbent pope is funnier than all his predecessors who have graced the office in my lifetime. How he could share the stage with Dick Cheney in good conscience is baffling, though, rather than funny.

I have been asked to sing with the community chorale on Memorial Day, and I am reluctant to do it because I do not wish to appear to support the kind of jingoism and glorification of war that so often accompanies such affairs. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I feel very strongly about this. I'd better decline.

We were visited by the first goldfinches and Baltimore orioles of the year last weekend, a good sign. But some of the juncos are still hanging around. What's up with that? Is it spring or is it ain't? That goram heron was poking around in the pond Sunday, but the surviving comets seem to be able to evade capture so far.

The voles are still a problem, albeit not the infestation that we endured last fall, and Mrs VF is on a rampage.

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