Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bitter? You Have to Be Self Aware to be Bitter.

My opponent reckons that folks in small towns in Pennsylvania and elsewhere are "bitter". I don't cotton to this at all. To be bitter, they'd have to be aware of what is happening around them in the world. If they werre paying attention, they'd be bitter alright, but they're not. It's because they are dumbasses for the most part. My opponents won't admit it. They'll pretend that these folks have sense enough to be bitter or they'll yammer on and on about how they are the salt of the earth, the backbone of America, yadda yadda yadda. They all know that a lot of the electorate doesn't have the sense that God gave a duck. Hell, they're counting on it.

My campaign strategy (it's about time I had one) is to sit by while my opponents destroy each other while I bask in anonymity. Then when they are bloodied and bowed and the elctorate is disgusted with its choices, I will seem like a savior and will be the obvious choice.

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