Monday, April 28, 2008

Good Times

I don't have a damned thing to blog about. I'm feeling happy, got no complaints, don't care about politics or current events. I'm like that character in Candide. As far as I know, I'm living in the best of all possible worlds, and all I care about is digging in my garden.

The big news for me nowadays is that I bought an oriole feeder and put orange colored nectar in it. We got new cushions for the patio furniture. Yeehah!

We planted a vegetable garden and made a new planting bed by a corner of the house. We put pansies in the window boxes. We're seeing beaucoup birds of all types, even goldfinches. The water snakes are back out. The heron comes by a couple of times a day and finally ate the last of the comets from 2007. The 2008 comets are only a half inch long so far, not much to interest the heron.

Jasper joyfully patrols the pond for signs of frogs for hours on end. Then he tracks mud into the house.

Wait, I thought of something that sucks. Gnats. We got beaucoup gnats, and they are vicious. They go for the eyes. They made it impossible for Mrs Vache Folle to enjoy her horseback riding lesson last week and caused its cancellation yesterday. And the voles continue to vex Mrs VF. She has resorted to poison.

Lately, I feel that each day is a gift.

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